RPC Service Pricing

Access to the UPC Database RPC Services first requires an account on the web site. Use the "Join" link at the left of most pages to get one. It is important to use a good password so your account is kept private. Use of your credentials to access site resources is entirely your responsibility. Accounts are limited to one per private individual (for personal use) or one per organization (for commercial use).

Secondly, an RPC access key must be created for your account. This is quick and painless, and may be done from the "Account Info" page.

Last, RPC credits must be bought in andvance. Payments are accepted through PayPal for this, using any method of payment that PayPal supports. No other methods of payment are supported at this time.

The minimum amount to add to your account is $5, which buys you 5 credits. Use of the RPC service automatically debits your account. See the chart below for the pricing details. Credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Discounts may be available for larger blocks of credits.

If you have made a donation to this web site in the past, please let me know (webmaster@upcdatabase.com) and I'll credit your account accordingly.

Whenever you have a positive balance of credits, you will accrue a certain number of free "lookup" queries per day, up to a certain maximum. The accural rate is 20 per day, and the ceiling is 150. This means that if you use 20 or fewer queries per day, $5 buys you a lifetime of service! Once your freebies are used up, credits will be deducted from your account.

Rate chart:

Query typeCredits
per queryper result
Lookup by UPC or EAN ('lookup' method) * 0.002 0
Full text search ('search' method) ** 0.010 0.002
Data Submission (writeEntry) *** 0 0
Check digit calculation 0.001 0
CueCat decode 0.001 0
Debugging methods (help, test) 0 0
Error **** 0 0

* Freebies will automatically be used first before charging against credits.

** You can limit the number of results returned by a full text search, up to a maximum of 15 results.

*** Use of writeEntry requires a positive credit balance, but does not consume any freebies or credits.

**** Any query that the server cannot understand because of a badly-formed request or missing or invalid parameters will not be charged.