Web Site Terms of Use

This Terms of Use document is not yet complete, however, the following Terms apply, and use of this Web Site by any party affirms agreement to these Terms.

The web site may be used for personal or commercial purposes. The data or services provided by the site may not be redistributed in any manner. All data supplied by this web site or any of its services remain Copyright (C) Robert C Fugina.

Any automated, programmed, or other non-human-interactive use of the web site should be limited to search engines (further rules defined by standard robot.txt file -- see Wikipedia Article) or through the provided RPC interfaces. No automated "screen-scraping" is allowed.

Only one account is allowed per person.

The RPC APIs provided by this web site are governed by these Terms as well as additional Terms contained in a separate document.

The Owner of this web site reserves the right to discontinue or disallow service based about user account and/or IP address for any reason. The Owner will readily do so if use is determined to be abusive, or negavitely affects server operations or performance.

These Terms may be changed from time to time, and will be posted publicly on the web site. Continued use of the web site or any of its services affirms agreement to all Terms.

Last updated 16 Sep 2010.