Data Entry Guidelines

What follows is a list of guidelines users should follow when contributing to the UPC Database -- this includes additions and corrections. Use of these guidelines will help ensure the data is kept accurate and consistent.

This list can't possibly be exhaustive. If you think I'm missing something, please email suggestions. I'll keep adding to this...

  • Above all, please make sure that the information you are submitting is accurate.
  • Don't unnecessarily capitalize or abbreviate words.
  • Feel free to include model numbers, part numbers, and/or catalog numbers in the item description, but not without first putting a meaningful, English description of the item.
  • The Size/Weight field should indicate how many or how much of the item in question is included. Don't put part numbers, catalog numbers, model numbers, shape, color, price, or anything else in the Size/Weight field. Exceptions are noted below.
  • Size/Weight should be used in a few cases to indicate the type of packaging or media. VHS, DVD, CD, and CDROM are all acceptable, and quantities may be included as well ("2 DVD").
  • Use standard ISO unit abbreviations on units in the Size/Weight field. If you don't know what this means, use the abbreviations you see on the product package.
  • Note the difference between ounces of weight (oz) and fluid ounces (fl oz).
  • If specifying a Size/Weight in multiple units, specify English units first, then Metric in parentheses. Example: 5oz (141.7g)
  • Do NOT include URLs, addresses, or phone numbers in item descriptions.
  • Do NOT include special characters for trademark, copyright, etc, whether HTML-escaped or not.
  • Do NOT request deletion of an entry just because an item has been recalled or discontinued. Plenty of people are interested in information about items no longer manufactured.