Feature Wish List

This is a list of features that I plan on adding to the site. They come from my own ideas, as well as from user feedback. They're roughly in the order they'll be done. Priority (read: my interest) is the biggest factor in this, but there are some situations where one feature is needed first or another can't be done, so that also plays a role. Also, if some specifics about how a feature will work have yet to be decided or figured out, that's going to push that feature down the list.

Please feel free to contact me by email to weigh in on priorities or details, or to submit new ideas. Or, even better, join the mailing list.

  • Extend the XML-RPC interface to allow add & modify transactions to be submitted. These functions will require authentication.
  • Add more data points -- dimensions, gross weight...
  • Make result lists sortable by arbitrary columns.
  • Entry/modification of manufacturer entries. Maybe.
  • Online batch submission of entries via CSV or Excel files.